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Middle East and Africa

Welcome to the CSL Behring Middle East and Africa (MEA) website! We are pleased to expand our reach in this important region through the online presence.

The people and science of CSL save lives. We develop and deliver innovative medicines that help people with serious  and life-threatening conditions live full lives  and protect the health of communities around the world. With our presence in the MEA region, that is home to almost 66 markets with a population of 1.5 billion people, we underline the importance of giving access and delivering life-saving treatments to people who are living with those conditions. While the Middle East is steadily forging a path towards excellence in healthcare, there still exist great barriers in bringing rare disease treatments to the people, despite the high prevalence of rare and genetic conditions.

Rare diseases are seldom recognised as public health problems and have received very little attention from key stakeholders in the Middle East and Africa.

A rare disease is a health condition that affects a small number of people compared with other prevalent diseases in the general population. To date, 8,000 distinct rare diseases have been documented, of which 80 per cent have a genetic component. *

Approximately 75 per cent of the population affected by rare diseases are children, 30 per cent of whom die before the age of five.

As of 2021, with a combined population of less than 400 million, the Centre of Arab Genomic Studies (CAGS) estimates that about 2.8 million patients are suffering from a rare disease in the Middle East.

The region has one of the highest prevalence rates in the world for rare diseases, especially genetic diseases. This is related to the higher rates of consanguineous marriages and advanced maternal and paternal age.**

In 10 April 2019, we inaugurated our CSL Behring MEA FZ-LLC office located in the heart of Dubai, in the unique premises of Dubai Science Park in United Arab Emirates to serve patients in the MEA region. Today, CSL Behring in MEA is operating in almost 25 of the MEA markets through managed distribution partners, agents/or distributors. Together with our partners, our focus is enhancing the quality of life for patients. We also work with various stakeholders including regulators, policy makers, clinicians, medical societies and patient associations across MEA to facilitate access and to make our life-saving medicines available for patients.

Our mission that started in 2019 is tirelessly continuing. We make sure we take part in leveraging diagnosis and management of rare diseases, and that patients have a smooth access to innovative treatments to live a normal life. We want to be a reliable and engaged partner in understanding and overcoming barriers to access. CSL Behring is driven by our promise to patients.

Best regards,

Hassan Herrou

Hassan Herrou
General Manager, Middle East and Africa


**Dr. Mohammad Al Matar, M. (2021). Gulf News. Greater understanding and awareness of rare, genetic diseases stressed in UAE.